Pitcher Plants growing in open field

These picture plants grow in an open field at the end of a runway at a small town airport here where I live. I had noticed something growing there several times as I passed by. Thought it was some kind of wild flowers, lilies etc this is what I found these pitcher plants upon closer examination.


Chasing my dream! At a slow pace…….Images by Gecko

   So I have been taking photographs for a while now.  People I have done portraits for are very happy.  So why not join the masses of so called photographers out there?  The market is flooded since digital came along.  Now everyone with a camera and photoshop considers themselves  photographers.  A good majority are and some are just picture takers, just snap it take it home and see what they can do with it in photoshop.

   Personally I don’t want to depend on a software program to do the work I need to be doing in the first place.  Sure there is editing to be done but that should be more of a gentle tweaking of color and exposure than a dramatic make over.  Who wants to spend hours working with pictures quickly snapped needing extensive editing? 

   Okay, I am not the best photographer out there but I certainly am not the worst either.  So I have decided to do more portraits for more people.  I can accept credit cards now and I am using profession photo labs for prints.  I really don’t want to just give images on disc with copyright release like everyone around here is doing.  I mean what looks great on someone’s monitor may not print out looking real close to what you see on a computer screen.  Even though, up until now I haven’t been selling actual printed photographs,  I have provided for those who dared to get in front of my camera a 4X6 of each image so they can see how they looked printed.  Initially these prints were from walmart.com and came pretty close to what I was seeing on my monitor.  Now I have begun trying out Professional labs both for value and quality of prints.  I can see a difference between the two.  With using the labs color correct option the colors are not as bright as from walmart.com but the skin tones do look noticeably better.  I just had to compare, but in the end the walmart.com ones are still nice looking prints but for the critical eye the professional lab is better.

  So, wish me luck as I venture further into the world of photography and portraits.  I was always interested in photography but was unable to pursue it because of the expense involved with film.  It could prove a little costly in the trial and error stage.  I am so glad I was able to afford a  DSLR camera a few years ago because finally I have something I enjoy doing that I can make some money at.  With each photo shoot I am improving! 


This is the last I will post from these prom pics. These were my favorites from the shoot. I don’t think they went wrong not paying someone to do their pics. I enjoyed the experience and they are all smiles with the 30 photos they ended up with plus they didn’t have to wait two weeks to see their photos and have a set of 4×6’s so they could see how they printed out makes it easier to decide which ones to get in bigger print.
I don’t do too bad of a job withOut photoshop or Lightroom. Wishing for Lightroom for my birthday though!