Random thoughts and comments:

Bold italic  comments are thoughts or comments that came from me personally

“It’s not what you do and say  in front of  fellow church goers, it’s what you do or say when they’re not around that shows what kind of person you are.”-Gecko

.If  ” all the world is a stage”, where is the audience?-Gecko

Sometimes the simplest of things can become extremely complicated.
“With my Guitar, Camera, and Laptop, I am going to take over the world! –Gecko 1-30-2013
Okay, I admit it. My mind may not be as quick as it once was, but all the info is still there. My hard drive is just a little fragmented and the processor is slightly outdated, but it still works!” Gecko

“Come back and see us, next time maybe the gun won’t jam.”-Gecko Don’t get your panties in a wad! Only said in jest to some friends use to my sarcastic humor, was not a threat.

Listen up kids, in this economy, every meal is a HAPPY MEAL.” –Gecko

An empty wagon rattles.”  –My father, he use to tell me this all the time when I was little.

“I only expect people to change their underwear.”  -Gecko

I knew it!  No doomsday.  Now I have to pay all those credit card bills!  Gecko

As the government expands, paychecks and freedom shrinks.


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