It’s those thin…

“It’s those things you say or do in the midst of strangers, where no one knows you, that is a real testament to what kind of person you are. Yeah, I said it and if it offends you, then stop being a fake………………………”Gecko


Hmm, I guess I did have a New Year’s resolution after all

. Been trying to change the anti-social wall flower that I have always been. Well, even though it has been mostly online to a bunch of bloggers that have never met me personally, I have stepped out and exposed parts of my thought process, poems, photos, and life with you. Something I would never have done before.

I guess the whole purpose of this blog is to say here I am, get to know me, see what I can do, what I am afraid of, what I do and want to do. I suppose I am looking to be friends from afar. I love experiencing your blogs as well. To see where you live and what you find interesting. We all have our own thoughts and feelings. Underneath our cultural differences, lifestyles and beliefs, people are all the same creatures. Sure we all have our own personalities and uniqueness but there is a common bond there. We all care about something. Even the most bitter and nonchalant people care about something. If you take time to look past the exterior walls you just may find they care about things deeply and that is why they are the way they are.
What am I trying to say with this entry? I don’t thinK I am even sure of that. Whatever point it may have originally been, it doesn’t matter. I just put the thoughts and words out there. You interpit them with your own point of view and thought process. It’s what you get out of it of what I am saying, not what I am trying to say, that matters in the end. Anyway, I will be your friend, will you be mine? I will be your friend when you need one but don’t want one. To all of you I give a single flower.  Offered in friendship.  May it brighten your day.Image

Midnight post…Dear Diary?

As my internet gateway flickers like lights on a Christmas tree, I open word pad, because I will not be denied an opportunity to write. My wolf hybrid is off in the back of the yard barking at some unseen menace. My bluefront amazon is behind me making silly little soft noises. My youngest daughter comes barging in announcing to me she can’t find her boyfriend. Well, he is around here somewhere, it’s a big house and almost four acres outside. Hmm, maybe that is why Luma is barking. Maybe he went outside to smoke.

I am forty-five years old going on 46. I am old enough to do whatever I want and still young enough to enjoy it. Yet, I waste countless hours here in front of my laptop. Spend hours scrolling through wordpress. I have become addicted to likes and comments on my blog. It’s nothing grand I lnow, it’s just a way to let people get to know me. Well if they do more than just scroll through the reader liking everything without clicking on the link and actually coming to my blog for a few minutes. Again I say this is me. This blog is me. You can know me better from my blog than spending days hanging out with me. Just like my posts, sometimes I am boring, sometimes, excited, funny, depressed and ocassionally I strike a nerve with what I reveal.

I so want to express what goes on in my head. I have all these great words that come together to form interesting things for a blog post. I can go over it in my mind but when I try to produce it on the keyboard my train of thought tends to get derailed. I am not trying to sell anything or tell anyone how they should live their lives. There’s enough of that kind of thing everywhere you look or go. Within the next couple of weeks I am going ad free. I don’t do google adsense or anything like that and I don’t want ads appearing on my blog. Especially not anything I have no control over. This is my little hiding place. This is my diary, scrapbook, my sounding post, my place to express myself.
Now all is quiet except for the Dollar General store clock on the wall ticking. Yes, it wants to be heard too. Any minute now I will hear a train coming through, since I am only a half a mile from the train tracks, in sort of a rural setting. Then my pitbull will start to bark, challenging the strange bellowing beast just out of site. It’s nearing midnight and I should be in bed, but no not yet. Got to wait on the dsl signal to be steady again and make this rambling post and check my stats. I am hoping for 100 likes today, but I will probably fall short of that. I only had 86 last I checked. Blasted dsl just wants to keep me in suspense. Looks like it is straightening out. Come on I only need a few minutes to post and check stats.

Well, darn it!  I only got 93 likes.  Well, that’s still the best so far for one day.  Now to start all over again seeking 100 likes in a single day.  Oh how I have become enslaved by the internet and my own vanity.

Another Poem I wrote several years back

You introduced sunshine into a windowless room.

It chased away all the shadows and endless gloom.

Like a flower you opened for me like a bee to feed,

On your sweet nectar you gave me all I might need.

Then other forces came to play in this game meant for two.

Other people and things to temp, please and taunt you.

I don’t know how to bring you back to me-

From this thing that’s killing you, please break free.

How can I trust and pour out my heart.

Knowing this demon would have you rip it apart?

I think my brain needs defragmenting

Most of us have “brain farts” where we can’t remember a name when someone asks us or we know what we are trying to say and find a word “at the tip of our tongue” as the old phrase goes.    It’s usually only a momentary thing.  However, I have been stumped for the last hour and a half trying to recall the name of a particular flower.

I decided to post a photo to “identify myself” on here.  Since I am choosing to stay somewhat anonymous, I did not post a picture of myself.  I chose a picture I took out in my yard a couple years back of some flowers.  After getting the image back on my computer, I wanted to rename it so I could find it easier.  So, I was going to do that when I realized, I can’t recall the name of them!

It’s only bothering me because, I still haven’t remembered their name.  I know it and have known it all my life, but for the life of me, I am not able to recall it. The information is somewhere in my brain I am just have trouble accessing it right now.  I guess I will try to look them up online if I don’t remember soon.  So I say in jest, “I think my brain needs defragmenting!”   I was going to say here they are and post the picture and as soon as I added the picture below I remembered.  Anywa,y here they are, Daffodils!


What are they trying to say?

While in a close-by town today, I saw a good example that sometimes it’s better to use two  separate simple sentences instead of cramming two unrelated things into one. Although I understand what they were trying to say, or at least I think I d. I couldn’t help but think of what they could possibly be implying or suggesting.  The sign on the side of a convenience store read


Sorry about the quality of photo only had crappy cellphone camera.

I couldn’t help but wonder if they were possibly suggesting that  people use their EBT to purchase alcohol?.  Are they targeting the low income alcoholics?  Do they think most people with an EBT card are pathetic drunks?  Were they admitting they were winos receiving EBT?

Elizabeth, I’m coming to join you honey, Pow zoom straight to the moon, Lu-cy! You got some ‘xplainin to do.

After seeing a news clip of a very young school student that was suspended because, he points his finger and makes a gun sound during playtime, makes me wonder, has the whole world gone mad? Seems to me this type of thing is more a part of the problem rather than the solution. It’s time for less Barney Fife and more Sheriff Taylor. There’s nothing wrong with Barney Fife’s “Nip it in the bud.” advice. The problem is seeing the bigger picture and knowing when, how and what needs to be “nipped in the bud”.  

(IMAGES WITHIN THIS POST ARE NOT OWNED BY THIS BLOGGER.  i SEARCHED THE WEB AND FOUND ONES THAT WAS OKAY FOR PEOPLE TO DOWNLOAD AND USE.)(Growing up in the seventies and early eighties with just one t.v. that only picked up 3,5, and 10 those being, ABC, CBS and NBC, there was a lot of watching reruns of old television shows, and Saturday morning cartoons. Thanks to my Dad, I was raised on John Wayne and Clint Eastwood westerns, The Big Valley, Bonanza, The Rockford Files and Hawaii Five-O. He didn’t care for the sitcom’s of the time. So if it was comedy, it was the Honeymooners, the Little Rascals or Jerry Lewis. I still watched my far share of  Happy Days, Sanford and Son, Good Times, One day at a time, Mash, and The Jefferson’s whenever he wasn’t around. Sometimes when I was 4 and 5 I fought over the t.v. with my sister who was 10 years older than me because I wanted to watch Gilligan’s Island and she wanted to watch “Dark Shadows”.

We weren’t inside in front of the t.v. all the time. A large portion of our time was spent outside with siblings and friends. Our imaginations were active and vivid. We were cops and robbers, cowboy and indians and the crew of the starship Enterprise. Fingers and sticks were our pistols and rifles. Hairbrushes and transistor radios were our phasers and communicators. We won the west and saved the Earth from unspeakable doom. Yes, sometimes we had real fights but all in all it was a part of growing up and learning to get along. No one I know personally that did these things grew up to run around killing people in real life.

I think putting to many limits of what children play or how they play stifles their imagination and traps in frustrations. Where are they ending up? Online or on the gaming consoles usually alone, shooting everyone and everything in sight. Watching violent movies and t.v. series that hype them up more and their social outlet is technology. Somehow their best friends are characters in an RPG and people from all over the world that they have never meet face to face and don’t really. What happens? Their real social skills suffer and the real world becomes their enemy. What to do?  Well for the most part they just become dysfunctional in society and in their family lives. The really messed up ones answer; Go out in a blaze of glory taking as many as you can on the way.- Yeah, penned up frustrations, and social isolation can cause people to do something “crazy”.

I am not trying to say playing video games, watching movies or being on MySpace is going to turn you into a mass murderer. It’s more about what drives us to spend more time in a virtual world than really living, interacting and sharing thought, feelings, and sympathy with those people around you. Is it being used to avoid doing something else? Are we doing it because we are unhappy with our real lives? Could social media be making us antisocial creatures? Is it because we can control our experiences and “click” off what we don’t like or want to deal with in a virtual worlds?

We have the government with their we know best, we’ll take care and protect you claims trying to controls us. We have the government, the state and countless hypocrites telling us how to raise our children. They scream “Control your kids!” Then, they call whatever you say or do “abuse.” It seems the answer to everything displeasing that a child does is therapy and medication. Children aren’t allow to be children anymore.  They can’t get all that built up energy out

I am tired of people screaming about their liberties and demanding their rights when they are so busy trying to deprive others of theirs. It seems to me you can’t say, do or display anything without offending someone. Everything is construed to be offensive, immoral, a threat or racist. People pushing for people to come out of “the closet” talk about your sexual preference to help “the cause”.  Look if you want to announce to  the world you are gay, do so. If you want to keep your personal matters private then by all means put that closet to good use. There is such a thing as too much information. Besides most people have figured it out anyway and aren’t concerned with calling you out. It’s really none of their business anyway. You might not agree with the way a person lives or the things they do, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a “Hater”.


If you want to pray, please do so. If you find it offensive that someone stops to pray in public just go on about your business or remove yourself instead of protesting and demanding that they stop or shouldn’t be allowed to. They are not causing you any harm.  Don’t you want to be accepted? the way you  live tolerated?kirkspockmccoy  Here’s another way to think about it. If there’s even one thing on a menu at a restaurant that you don’t like, do you avoid that restaurant, prevent them from serving the item or make it shut down? If your best friend likes sushi and you hate it, does that stop you from eating at the same table with them if they get some sushi?  Do you stop being their friend? If you make the choice to not eat meat, does that mean no one should be allowed to? or do you not associate with people who do?

In today’s society, Ralph Cramden would be arrested because he threatened his wife Alice. Fred Flintstone would be “coming out the closet”  J.J. Evans would be doing time for bomb threats or worse, being held at Guantanamo Bay as a terrorist because he was always exclaiming DY-NO-MITE! Yes, things have gotten this ridiculous . Alice never felt threatened by Ralph’s “One of these days Alice, pow zoom straight to the moon!” and “One of these days, pow right in the kisser.” Yet, someone would find it offensive and declare it a threat when  it was just an expression of his frustration with a situation or comment.  J.J. lived in the projects of Chicago, he was terrorized not a terrorist. Yeah, Fred Flintstone had anger issues because “coming out of the closet” hadn’t been thought of yet. What? You never thought it? (Don’t be offended, just sharing some humor) To all you who would twist my words to mean what you choose them to mean-  “Kiss my grits!”

To any of you who haven’t seen the old t.v. shows I mentioned, use technology look them up and watch them or watch them on t.v. most are still being run somewhere on cable or satellite t.v.

To the Bat-mobile, Robin! Beam me up, Scotty. Hi-yo Silver, away!