It’s those thin…

“It’s those things you say or do in the midst of strangers, where no one knows you, that is a real testament to what kind of person you are. Yeah, I said it and if it offends you, then stop being a fake………………………”Gecko


Being a little pretentious

First I want to say, that you can go here and get a website or a desktop ticker that scrolls the latest amber alerts.  You could possibly help save a life.  Also, you can report missing persons there and get posters.

With that being said, I guess I can continue with my intended post.  Let me think a minute. (We all know how my train of thought hits the junction, wide open and breaks into many segments). Oh yeah, I was going to blog about “ME”! (imagine that). Talk about me and my impending rise to some sort of wide-spread fame. I know, I know! And, I laugh at me, way more than you ever will, about my silly notions.
Where’s my spotlight? Did someone not pay the power bill? Does the bulb need replacing or what? Come on! If between one and two million people gather, and countless others watch on TV, to see the president be sworn into office and speak, and Honey Boo Boo has a show, there certainly has to be a spotlight for me! (Hopefully, not featured on America’s Most Wanted or anything like that, but certainly somewhere. Certainly somewhere between, Good Morning America, Ricki Lake, Jerry Springer, Honey Boo Boo, and Svengoolie there is room for me.
I’m no Oprah, but give me a show. I’ll do it for practically nothing compared to the other talk show hosts. Yeah, I need a little piece of the pie. I am in need of some bifocals (it’s nice to be able to read what you’re typing).. I need to be able to finish recovering my roof. Got the front half done. I need to replace some of the flooring in my house. Then, a little to help other people out. Oh sure, there are some frivolous things I would like to have. A couple professional lenses for my Canon Rebel XTi. my drive belt and walking belt for the used treadmill I got from the Goodwill thrift store. I want to take up running and I figure that’s a good place to start. At least that way, if I pass out, it won’t be in public. A whirlpool bath tub in a sound proof room. Calgon, take me away!
Just what is it keeping me from my fame? Is it because I am somewhat antisocial? (I’ve been working on that). Is it because people think I am ugly? Is it because I am a poor white 40 something woman with Native American ancestry? Because one of my front teeth is crooked? What? Would you let any one of those things keep me from being what ever I could be? Photographer, journalist/reporter, author, game/ talk show host, a founder of a non-profit charitable organization or just your friend? Well, would you?
Celebrities are just people after all. Regular ordinary people can be entertaining. Surely, you know some people in your town that you enjoy watching them do what they do. How they speak, how they act or how they react to other people and situations can be entertaining. It’s like the gong show around our little town, like ’em or not there’s always another act waiting to step out.
Well, you can love me or hate me, but if you ignore me, I will ride back and forth in front of your home, around the clock, revving up my Harley until, you come out and talk to me, invite me in or pay me to go away. If you pay me to go away, I will go kayaking, camping, or maybe go to Big Kahuna’s if I get enough from you to be able to do that. You could come along if you wanted to.
I feel I am busting out of my antisocial shell. Now that I have gotten older, it doesn’t really matter to me so much that, I am not a blonde haired blue-eyed bombshell, that I weigh more (a lot more) that a runway model or I don’t wear name brand clothes. All that ain’t what really matters, it’s what’s in our hearts, it’s our actions not our words, it’s what we do for others, it’s those things we change or those things we keep from changing. Judge me if you must, but take time to know the facts first! I am beautiful on the inside and I am going to find as many ways as I can to let that beauty shine through.
Don’t worry Jay Leno and David Letterman. I am pretty sure your jobs are not threatened by me. But, don’t be surprised if you see my non dancing self pulling a muscle dancing before a taping of Ellen or you see me and some of my wacky friends making fools out of ourselves with some shenanigans on the Jerry Springer show. Going to find that spotlight somehow!
So with my thumb to my ear and pinky just above my chin, I mouth the words, “Call Me!”

Daily prompt: Dearly Departed

Dearly beloved, We are gathered here today to say farewell to a woman who died as she lived, with a fast food sandwich in the hand on the steering wheel and a cup of soda in the one on the gear shift without ever swerving into on coming traffic.or rear ending anyone.

As you are well aware, she was a very loving and compassionate woman.  She cared deeply for both humans and animals alike.  Her witty sarcastic humor, she never wasted on those who would be offended.  She only shared it with friends, family and others that would both enjoy and appreciate it.  Her love for animals and courtesy toward her fellow man was evident even in her final hours.

Of course there was some regret present- If she wouldn’t have swerved to the right to avoid killing a squirrel she wouldn’t have spilled her soda which caused her to accidentally pop the clutch sending her vehicle into a tale spin down the sidewalk and total out a delivery truck and demolishing a small side walk fruit stand.

She would have died alone that day if not for a fed-ex van blocking the sidewalk so those three homeless people, a prostitute, a blind-man and his seeing eye dog couldn’t successfully retreat from her out of control vehicle.  She might have survived the incident if it weren’t for the full oxygen and acetylene bottles she was transporting back after getting refilled for a friend.  Being the courteous person that she was, she waited until after all the other had passed away and she saw the squirrel watching all the ruckus going on from a small tree across the street.  She smiled with relief that she had successfully avoided the squirrel as for the people she taking with her, it could have possibly been an act of kindness as well.  Three people are homeless no more, the blind man doesn’t have to stumble around in darkness anymore.  The dog is free from his leash and no longer a slave to the man.  The prostitute is walking streets of gold!

I think my brain needs defragmenting

Most of us have “brain farts” where we can’t remember a name when someone asks us or we know what we are trying to say and find a word “at the tip of our tongue” as the old phrase goes.    It’s usually only a momentary thing.  However, I have been stumped for the last hour and a half trying to recall the name of a particular flower.

I decided to post a photo to “identify myself” on here.  Since I am choosing to stay somewhat anonymous, I did not post a picture of myself.  I chose a picture I took out in my yard a couple years back of some flowers.  After getting the image back on my computer, I wanted to rename it so I could find it easier.  So, I was going to do that when I realized, I can’t recall the name of them!

It’s only bothering me because, I still haven’t remembered their name.  I know it and have known it all my life, but for the life of me, I am not able to recall it. The information is somewhere in my brain I am just have trouble accessing it right now.  I guess I will try to look them up online if I don’t remember soon.  So I say in jest, “I think my brain needs defragmenting!”   I was going to say here they are and post the picture and as soon as I added the picture below I remembered.  Anywa,y here they are, Daffodils!


What are they trying to say?

While in a close-by town today, I saw a good example that sometimes it’s better to use two  separate simple sentences instead of cramming two unrelated things into one. Although I understand what they were trying to say, or at least I think I d. I couldn’t help but think of what they could possibly be implying or suggesting.  The sign on the side of a convenience store read


Sorry about the quality of photo only had crappy cellphone camera.

I couldn’t help but wonder if they were possibly suggesting that  people use their EBT to purchase alcohol?.  Are they targeting the low income alcoholics?  Do they think most people with an EBT card are pathetic drunks?  Were they admitting they were winos receiving EBT?