30 Day Photography Challenge Day 6 Obession


I guess You could say animals are my Obsession- above is my blue fronted amazon Bob.  Bob was an abused bird.  Thus he can go a little crazy at times but all in all he is a sweety but a touch-me-not.  He wants attention but doesn’t know how to interact when being touched or sitting on someone.  Hopefully this will change in time.  He is approximately 40 years old..Image

My Wolf Hybrid Luma, she is part Timber wolf and Part white German Shepherd.

ImageJoJo my Jenday Conure.  He is four years old.  I got him from someone moving from the Gulf Shores area to California and couldn’t take him with them.  He is a character!Image

This is Thunder an Appaloosa Stud.  I no longer have him.  I got him because he was being kept in tiny pens because people were scared of him and he didn’t seem to get along with other horses.  I turned him loose in my back yard which is maybe 3 acres.  He got along with our dogs and children very well.  I let him go to someone with a lot of horse experience and 18 acres for him to roam. I miss him sticking his head in the back door beggin for treats.Image

Then there is Lola my quaker, which I made an earlier post about.  All of my birds talk and they are very comical.  Birds are probably my biggest obsession.  I have rescued and rehomed many.  Well, I can’t keep ’em all and take care of them properly.  If I were a millionaire I would have a huge avairy for exotic birds in need of rescue.