30 day photo challenge

Day 14 eyes

Focal zoom edit-  My Eyes


Day 13 Can not live without—–Water

Artesian well the town park Pollard, Alabama


Day 12  Sunset       Pensacola Beach


Day 11 Something BLUE

My wall.


Day 10 Childhood memory


Bored Games!  Yeah, that is what  I called them, that is what I thought they were, until my teen years when I realized they were board games.  Anyway here’ s proof LIFE is a game!

Day 9 Someone you love

1-4536209777_c9611528b1_b-002 My youngest daughter Michelle

Day 8 Routine


This one had me stumped.  Then when I sat down to have a cup it came to me- evening routine flavored coffee and sometimes cocoa.

Day 7- Changes to come

From this precious infant

1-precious Alyssa

To the toddler below and so many more changes coming and I get to watch them unfold.


Day 6 Obsession-   Animals


JoJo – Jenday Conure.  Got him from the Gulf Shores area from a family moving to California.

Bob- Blue front amazon.  Abused bird that I gave a home to.  He is a real sweetheart but a touch me not but he is getting better.



Thunder-Appaloosa Stud.  Got him because he was being kept in a tiny pen.  Kept him for a year in my backyard (2 acres) until I found him a home with someone with lots of horse training experience and 18 acres with pond to roam.

Luma My wolf Hybrid1-132460_184389284905642_7238546_o

Day 5 After Dark

Not much going on in a small town on a Sunday night.  Heavy rains, thunderstorm and tornado warnings with constant drizzle out there tonight, so I only dared to take my small camera out.  I decided to do some B&W shots.

The main intersection in my town where US 31, 41 and 29 intersect.1-DSCF2019-001


The gazebo in one of the small downtown parks.1-DSCF2022

The fountain in the same park.  The same park my something green submission came from.

Day 4 Something Green


Clock in city park next to our county courthouse.

Day 3  Clouds

Snapped this while driving down the road.


Day 2 What I wore

This is what I wore yesterday and this is how I left them when I got undressed.  Black jeans, jersey style two tone green Faded Glory tagless tee and gray Nike Air shoes.


Day 1   Self Portrait



One thought on “30 day photo challenge

  1. hi there! thanks for hitting like on my post A Glass Window… I understand you love photography. I love that stuff also I want to capture beautiful moments..If I had the chance to replace my digicam’s lost memory card, I’m going to publish some of mine shots soon…keep up the nice work you have..

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