Political correctness? Common courtesy, religion, spirituality, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, whatever………….

I realize that I have not made an entry in a while. Well, not a text entry to this blog anyway.  Why? Maybe I just can’t think of nothing to write about.  Or maybe, it’s because I may, in today’s politically correctness world  feel stifled by what is acceptable to say and what is not acceptable. It has gotten to the point that just about anything that you can possibly say is “offensive” to someone and therefore we should refrain from saying or doing things.
I don’t care if you say “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Holidays”, etc.  After all it’s not the words but the spirit of the greeting that counts.  It’s a joyful greeting either way.  So, if someone is a christian let them say Merry Christmas to you and you respond with your choice/religious greeting or say thank you, have a nice day or Bah Humbug.  On the other hand, Christians, you should give the same courtesy to those expressing their religious beliefs that you expect and want for expressing yours.
Also, I can not understand why it bothers some people when someone openly prays.  People taking a moment to pray when they feel a need or to bless the food they are about to eat, brings no harm to you.  All I can figure is it makes you uncomfortable because you don’t pray and you feel left out, inferior or just have your heart swimming in hatred for other people living according to their beliefs.  Maybe you should try praying, asking for more understanding and tolerance of others.
Christians, I am not letting you off the hook either.  Tolerance, love and doing for others is what Jesus taught.  So in order to be “Christ like” (to live by the principles you tend to preach/believe) you must remember tolerance, tolerance for those who think or believe differently than you.  Always give the simple courtesies to everyone whether they be sinners (which we all fall short of the glory of God), siants, Catholics, Holiness, Methodists, Jews, Atheists, Muslims, Wiccans, Hindus etc.  Drunks, drug addicts, prostitutes and all races of mankind.  WWJD should be the fore thought to any actions that you intend to do towards someone else you disagree with whether you like them or not.
Now, I am not pushing Christianity or any other organized religion.  We all however, can benefit from some sort of “spirituality”  Spirituality is not the same as religion.  Not sure just how to explain it and I suppose it is different for everyone.  Spirituality is believing in something bigger than yourself, that there is some essence/power/being/collective consciousness that we all came from and where our energy/soul/spirit/all that we came to know, goes once our life here in the physical world is over.  Believing in something is always better than believing in nothing.  Spirituality is what leads you to inner peace and calm in your lif,e because you come to the realization that it is not necessary to understand, to know all the answers, that there is some things that go beyond explanation.Iit’s about what you find inside of you and how you feel about the answers that come from within.  Judging yourself by your own inner compass of right and wrong instead of other people standards.
If you believe that we are just born, live and die and that’s all there is, that’s your right.  I suppose that is easier for some folks to believe, that their is no grand retribution/karma or reward for how you choose to live your life or treat others.  It is my opinion that this world would be a whole lot better place, if our focus is on how we treat/respect our fellow man/woman no matter how different our beliefs, color, nationality, morals etc.   I am not saying you have to agree with them, come around to their way of thinking or let them lead you astray.  Live and let live!  Whenever you encounter other people, extend a friendly greeting, have friendly conversation and display common courtesies even though you do not approve of whatever it is about them that makes them different from you.  Our judgement of others often stem from those aspects of ourselves we find unsatisfactory.
Okay, I am done now.  You don’t have to agree with anything I have said.  Thank you for taking the time to read it anyway.