Starting to work with Raw Images

Okay, like I mentioned before, I have been asked to shoot a wedding in September.  Of course this has made me a little apprehensive, since it had been a while since I had really played with my canon dslr.  Anyway, of course I am using the time between now and September to work on my photography skills, which really are minimal.  Also, I have mentioned, that I do not have photoshop, which seems to be everyone answer to everything instead of taking the time to try and figure out what settings and how to make the photograph reveal what you want.

Funny thing is, I know a veteran photographer who shoots everything in auto + raw and adds it all in editing.  Well, yes, sometimes you have to catch the shot and don’t have the luxury of fumbling with settings and practice shots and this comes in handy.  Still I don’t feel that someone who is serious should just rely on editing to produce great pictures.  

When I have the time and opportunity I enjoy fumbling around in total manual mode.  Whenever I do studio portraits I use manual, this way my backdrops can turn out in a wide array of different tones of it’s true colors.  This is what being a photographer means to me, being able to make those great shots with your camera, using your camera to get the desired effects then maybe a little tweaking in editing.

I do recognize the need to be able to capture the moments that won’t last long enough to deal with camera settings or allow for test shots and that’s okay and is necessary sometimes.  I have just started to figure out raw image editing, but I only have the software that came with my camera for this.  I am figuring it out because I am planning to use jpeg+raw for the wedding in September.  I mean it’s not like we can do the whole thing over if I don’t get good shots.

Here is a couple of pics I snapped while my dog lay on my pillow on the bed that I converted from raw images.


Nothing spectacular I know but looks pretty natural to me but for you who like a little more warm look, here you go.


My earlier post “Color in my yard” was also created from a raw image.  Thank you for stopping by.



One thought on “Starting to work with Raw Images

  1. Hi Gecko,

    I’m also not somebody who uses photoshop. The software that came with my Canon is all that I use as well. I guess it’s because I started out shooting film and part of the, “Using the camera to get the shot,” esthetic has never left me and photoshop just feels like cheating.

    Just in case you didn’t know, Canon constantly updates the Digital Professional Pro software and it’s a free download on the Canon USA site. Over the years they’ve added some pretty great functionality to it as well as allowing you to incorporate dust delete data into the program and lens corrections as well.

    RAW is definitely the way to go as you’re getting the full density of your image on export.

    Hope this helps.

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