I found this to be a good little piece.

Mr. Rhapsodist

You might have learned about the scientific method in school, but you probably never saw it applied like this.


The Sorcerer’s Method, by Alexander Paul Willging

Word Count: 658

“It won’t work like that.”  Sweat coursed through Dr. Bell’s goatee as he brought his staff to a defensive angle.  “Step back, Geoffrey.  I’ll cover the retreat.”

Dr. Geoffrey Watson, awestruck, kept both eyes fixed on the creature before him.  It had veins and limbs like any other animal, but those veins were filled with chlorophyll.  Its limbs were like branches—branches that worked like muscles!  A marvel of the Great Architect’s design!

“Dr. Watson,” Bell warned.  He tapped one end of his staff impatiently.  “The leaves are turning red.  It’s threatened!”

“Red signifies danger to most animals,” Watson replied quietly.  His heart was racing, but his mind was clear as he spoke.  “But here, on Hermes Minor?  It’s a…

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