Preparing to do the happy dance (instead of the pee pee dance)

I have been blogging for a month today!  I have topped 200 likes.  Yesterday I was hoping for 100 views in one day, I got 93.  Well, it was my best so far.  Today was the day that I passed the 200 likes mark and broke 500 all time views.

I just checked and I made the 100 views just now actually 101 views for today.  Happy dance time!  Okay I know the numbers are not phenomenal, but for me they are.  Thank you all for helping me reach my current goals!  I will keep working on improving my posts. 


4 thoughts on “Preparing to do the happy dance (instead of the pee pee dance)

    • Lucky you! Getting to travel and see so much. I will probably never leave the United States. Because of money and the fact I refuse to fly and even cruise ships aren’t looking too good lately either.

  1. Congrats and thanks for liking my recent post on TodaysWeather. When I finish my class I am thinking of starting my own blog to keep it going but have not settled on a theme yet that suits me or what to call it. How did you decide?

    • I don’t really have a theme. Mine is basically whatever I choose to share at the time so it’s like a scrapbook, a journal a commentary. About me what I like or don’t like, what I do, my family just whatever. I know people have different blogs for different things but for me keeping up with one blog is hard enough. Mostly I guess you should pick something you know about pretty well or a cause you care about anything you can perceive as being able to talk about in different ways so you will have multiposts.

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