Hmm, I guess I did have a New Year’s resolution after all

. Been trying to change the anti-social wall flower that I have always been. Well, even though it has been mostly online to a bunch of bloggers that have never met me personally, I have stepped out and exposed parts of my thought process, poems, photos, and life with you. Something I would never have done before.

I guess the whole purpose of this blog is to say here I am, get to know me, see what I can do, what I am afraid of, what I do and want to do. I suppose I am looking to be friends from afar. I love experiencing your blogs as well. To see where you live and what you find interesting. We all have our own thoughts and feelings. Underneath our cultural differences, lifestyles and beliefs, people are all the same creatures. Sure we all have our own personalities and uniqueness but there is a common bond there. We all care about something. Even the most bitter and nonchalant people care about something. If you take time to look past the exterior walls you just may find they care about things deeply and that is why they are the way they are.
What am I trying to say with this entry? I don’t thinK I am even sure of that. Whatever point it may have originally been, it doesn’t matter. I just put the thoughts and words out there. You interpit them with your own point of view and thought process. It’s what you get out of it of what I am saying, not what I am trying to say, that matters in the end. Anyway, I will be your friend, will you be mine? I will be your friend when you need one but don’t want one. To all of you I give a single flower.  Offered in friendship.  May it brighten your day.Image


12 thoughts on “Hmm, I guess I did have a New Year’s resolution after all

  1. I can relate to trying to be less of a wallflower it’s hard to get out there but blogging is definitely a way to go about it. You can connect with so many people and learn so much! Good luck!

  2. Good luck with the wedding! The 18-55 lens – what’s the lowest aperture on it? That would be my “go-to” lens if it had a 1.4 or 1.8 aperture. I’ve taken some awesome shots on my old Canon pocket camera, and some crappy shots on my semi-pro Nikon. RELAX and try not to make a big deal of it, or you will work yourself up! The other advice to give you is try to get someone to assist you: make sure dresses are straightened out, etc… and if you can’t afford a reflector, find an automotive store that has those foil reflectors for car windshields: I’ve used mine in a pinch and it works just as well as a reflector for some nice soft fill light.

    • 3.0 is the widest apeture on that 19-55. I do have a reflector one side silver on side gold. The fastest lens I have is the tamrom 28-70 f2.8 but if I don’t get some glasses I can’t trust it since I only have manual focus. I believe it is going to be an outdoor ceremony if that’s the case there should be plenty of light. If the big camera is too problematic, I’ll use the fuji finepix I’ll need a ton of batteries for it! I know to take lots of photos. In the end crop and edit can do wonders for a less than perfect photo.

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