Looking for a little help/advice from fellow photographers.

I am excited, because someone asked me to do wedding photos.  I am concerned because I want to do a good job. They know I am not a professional, but they are familiar with the photos that I do. It is a good friend of ours and it isn’t really a formal fancy wedding, it is going to be a biker type wedding. Still I want to be able to produce suitable photos to memorialize the occasion. I have a broad idea of how to go about shooting a wedding. I have just never done it before. At least I have until September to ponder the process.
I only have a Canon eos xti (400) with three lenses. The 18-55 that came with it. I have a tamron 27-70 f2.8. I am not really satisfied with this one because the auto focus doesn’t work and my eyes tend to be problematic with cholesterol blockage in my right eye. I also have a 55-200mm that I do enjoy the results I get with it. The 18-55mm does a decent job if the lighting is good and can produce some great studio portraits, it does however, get a little soft when zooming in. Hopefully, I will be able to afford some glasses soon where the tamron manual focus won’t be such a challenge. I know it is not exactly a professional camera, but it has good potential for great shots especially with good quality lenses.
The only backup I have is a fujifilm finepix s1000fd 10 mega pixel 12x optical zoom. It does very well but goes through batteries like there is no tomorrow. It is easy to use and I like that when changing settings, the viewfinder shows you how those settings change the look of the photo, so not a lot of guess work there. The natural setting comes in handy with low light situations, keeping the ambiance of nighttime lighting and other illuminations.
I just want to do the best I can with what I have to work with. I have a tripod, remote, and a hot shoe flash. So if any of you photographers out there have any input that you would like to share, feel free to enlighten me. Oh yeah, unfortunately I do not have photoshop. I do use Gimp 2.8 a little and sometimes picasa. I know someone (a veteran photographer) who shoots in auto + raw and they add everything in photoshop. My camera will do raw, but not in full auto mode and only up to medium format. I haven’t really messed with raw images. I have tried with gimp but, I couldn’t get the ufraw plugin to work. I think there is something for working with raw images off in the software that came with my camera. I guess I will take another look and see if I could figure it out. I could use some advice and encouragement fellow photographers/bloggers.


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