A couple Hotrod Motorcycle photos

My other laptop crashed a while back and I lost a lot of my photos.  I found a couple of Photos I took back in May of 2010.  All Harley Drag Racing Association- Screamin’ Eagle Performance Parts Southern Nitro Nationals Atlanta Dragway

Commerce, GeorgiaImageRicky House


Bill Purvis (left)                              Craig Pelrine (right)

I really hate I lost the bulk of these photos fron AHDRA events in Commerce Georgia and an event in Kansas City, Missouri.


4 thoughts on “A couple Hotrod Motorcycle photos

    • Not sure. There are different classes of bikes and races from stock on up. These were all harleys. I can say with certainty that the nitro-methane bikes take a lot of money.

    • Yeah, it’s not for everyone, takes an adrenaline junky for sure. I enjoy watching all the different classes of bikes. I was out there with the pit crew and I can tell you being that close to the Nitro bikes taking off was AWESOME! The smell of the nitro methane ain’t all that great though. My hubby wants to ride one but right now he has to stick with his little non methane harley drag bike and it’s just under 10 second quater mile ability. If he would only stop trying different gas mixtures and stop blowing it up that is. ;-D

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