L-O-L-A Lola


This is Lola.  She is a Quaker.  She can talk.  She is very tame.  All she ever wants is to sit on my shoulder.  He favorite treat for some reason is macaroni?  I am not her original owner.  I was given her by a woman who got her from her mother who got her from an animal shelter about five years before.  So I don’t even know how old she is but she seems to not be real young or real old.

She doesn’t like men for some reason, especially loud boisterous types.  She is parcial to women with dark hair.  She is absolutely not afraid of anything.  She will sit on cats and terrorize dogs.  She thrives on attention.  She says pretty bird.  Wha-tcha doing? Whatever!  Watch out.  I love you.  Is that so? Dogs barking.  Then she barks sort of like a small dog.  She makes duck sounds.  She bickers a lot, sounding like an old lady nagging and laughs at appropriate times.

She loves to be petted and scratched.  She will take her beak and sort of scratch on my hand when she is on me, while I am watching tv, until I scratch and pet her.  She is so adapted to people that I can take her outside and she flies around and sits in the trees for a while and then comes back to me.  So, I guess she loves me and is happy here with me.

Her name is really Lolita but the people before me shortened it to Lola.  I think maybe it is more fitting, because sometimes, I think maybe she isn’t really female.  The people I got her from really wasn’t sure, it was just assumed.  She hasn’t laid any eggs so maybe she isn’t female.

Before her, I never really cared for quakers, they tend to be somewhat mean and a one person bird.  So I consider her unique.  She is such a sweetie to me and is interested in other people except real weary of men but does tolerate them sometimes.


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