Where are the children?

Children, they are what we leave behind. We should protect them at all costs. No matter whose children, it is our duty to the human race to protect them. Have you ever not known where your child was, even for a few minutes? Remember the panic when you called for them and they didn’t answer right away? Remember how it began to grow as you looked here and there, getting more frantic every time your call went unanswered?
Now imagine that this went on for hours and days, not knowing where your child was or if you child is okay. Then days turn to weeks and weeks to months and so on. You would want everyone to do everything possible to help find your child. You know this is true. You would want everyone to listen and pay attention.
Okay, consider yourself really really lucky if you have only had those moments that all parents have where your child crawled up somewhere like the clothes dryer and fell asleep or something like that. Think about those parents who have had to endure months and years of not knowing. Everyone should help them. You should do your part. Pay attention to missing children reports, even when they are not from your part of the country. You never know where these children might turn up.
You can get a ticker, that scrolls amber alerts, to post on your web pages and you can get a ticker for your desktop. You can get them here http://www.codeamber.org/index-2.php?tck. You can also report missing persons here and make posters/flyers with the missing person’s information.
Just so you know this is not some pay per click thingy and I am not getting paid if you download the ticker. This is just some information of how to get one, so you can view each new alert just in case you might run across a missing child. You just click on the name of a child as it scrolls across and you are taken to a page with the information about the child and the child’s picture. It only takes a minute here and there when you see a new alert to keep informed.
Do this one little thing to help save children, to bring the missing home, to protect the endangered. You would want someone, everyone to do it if your child was missing. Would love to hear from each one of you that does this, just so I know I am not lost in the vacuum of cyberspace. Hello……is there anyone listening? Does anyone care like me. Let me know, comment link at top of each blog post. The only pictures that should be on milk cartons are of the cows it came from.
To those of you with missing children, I pray your prayers will be answered and in a perfect world they would be. For those who will never see their children again, I beg for you that at least your questions are answered.

Stay informed of missing children, do your part in helping them ne found and returned home.

Current missing persons listed on Amber Alert website can be seen by clicking this sentence.


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