I think my brain needs defragmenting

Most of us have “brain farts” where we can’t remember a name when someone asks us or we know what we are trying to say and find a word “at the tip of our tongue” as the old phrase goes.    It’s usually only a momentary thing.  However, I have been stumped for the last hour and a half trying to recall the name of a particular flower.

I decided to post a photo to “identify myself” on here.  Since I am choosing to stay somewhat anonymous, I did not post a picture of myself.  I chose a picture I took out in my yard a couple years back of some flowers.  After getting the image back on my computer, I wanted to rename it so I could find it easier.  So, I was going to do that when I realized, I can’t recall the name of them!

It’s only bothering me because, I still haven’t remembered their name.  I know it and have known it all my life, but for the life of me, I am not able to recall it. The information is somewhere in my brain I am just have trouble accessing it right now.  I guess I will try to look them up online if I don’t remember soon.  So I say in jest, “I think my brain needs defragmenting!”   I was going to say here they are and post the picture and as soon as I added the picture below I remembered.  Anywa,y here they are, Daffodils!



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