Blogging with technology…………

Another night is here; it’s to time to blog again. I’m working with voice recognition trying to get where I can efficiently blog with it. So far, things have not worked out well. It is taking too much time to complete a single paragraph. I am still trying to work things out between me and my computer. It doesn’t seem to be trying to help me as much as I’m trying to help it. I’m trying very hard not to give up, but my patience is wearing thin.

I don’t have one of those expensive speech recognition programs. I am working with the speech recognition that is in my windows seven. There has been a few bugs to work out, but I have finally got it working. I am using it right now. The going is slow, but we are making it! I do seem to be making a lot of corrections. So far I can not get a complete sentence without some corrections. I am hoping in time, this will improve. If not, I may have to give up on speech recognition. Maybe a little patience is the answer. So far, a cough becomes the words but it. Some of the things that shows up on my screen makes no sense what-so-ever.

I have found that while I am using speech recognition that suddenly the sound of the letter “s” has become a stumbling point in my speech process. If the sound is repeated close together it becomes a tongue twister and confuses the program. It is due to my pronunciation of words and my inability at times to enunciate clearly. You can blame it on my southern drawl. It is not that predominant and is only noticeable sometimes. By the way, I have lived in the south all of my life and I have never ran a cross people speaking with such a southern drawl as seen in the movies.

I am still trying to teach my computer to recognize the word blog. No matter how many times I correct the word the computer thinks I am saying long. As if I’m not having no problems, my birds want to squawk whenever I start to dictate. They’re actually being quiet right now. They were really being crazy earlier when I first started trying to work with this program. I guess it has just got late enough that they are ready to quiet down.

I have tried speaking like a newscaster or radio announcer trying to help the computer understand my words better. It doesn’t seem to help much. Sometimes softer spoken words are understood better and sometimes it takes giving a lot louder. I feel silly when someone comes into the room and I’m having to tell the computer to stop listening because the microphone on my headset seems to pick them up better than myself. I feel like my computer is being a smart-aleck when it keeps asking, what was that?

I was hoping to be able to keep the flow of my thoughts and words at a pace that would keep me from losing my train of thought. So far not so good. Hopefully, this will improve over time. If not I guess it’s back to the keyboard. The speech recognition just froze up. I can’t get it to start listening again. I am not so sure this is going to work out. Technology isn’t all that great sometimes. I have noticed that my smartphone isn’t very smart either.


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