From Compassion to Misfortune

The old saying, “Somedays it doesn’t pay to get out of bed.”  That’s sort of what I feel like now.  Today was one of those days that was going as usual, nothing great or bad going on.  It started with a trip to town and spending money I didn’t really need to be spending.  Twenty bucks for my daughter, granddaughter and I to eat at the Chinese buffet.  Then, I had the bright idea to go to the Goodwill Thrift Store.  A trip to the thrift store is pretty common practice, I just wish now, that I would have just skipped doing that because, it ruined my day.

Pittling around in the thrift store I found and got my granddaughter a musical dragon riding toy.  I had been in the store for a while before I went over to the section I usually go to first.  Wow, an electric treadmill for $25!  This was something I had been wanting for a while, I had just said a few days before, I was going keep an eye on Goodwill for one.  I bought it and we waited around for my daughter’s boyfriend to come with his truck to haul it home for me.  There was a couple of other things I wanted but I didn’t have enough money on me to get anything else. I had some more money in the car, that was really meant for something else, but I decided to use part of it to get a few more things.  So, I take the dragon to the car, grab the money, got some more things, and went home.

I go home and get on Facebook.  I see a mini-crib for sale in one of the local group pages, the woman trying to sell it, I had met before through activities from the group.  I didn’t have but $18 left in cash in my pocket and I  told her I would get it Wednesday if she could wait until then.  I would have a few more dollars by then.  She was selling it trying to get up money to pay her electric bill by the cut-off date, and needed it before Wednesday.  Even with the $25 she was asking for the mini-crib she would still be $43 short.  This woman has four children, two of them have Cerebral Palsey.  I had helped her find an infant feeder to help her youngest child with Cerebral Palsy, be able to eat and gain some weight.  She’s trying to avoid a feeding tube if at all possible.  Her husband hasn’t been able to work because he passes out every couple of days and so far the doctor’s haven’t figured out why this is happening.  She makes numerous trips to therapy for her children and out-of-town doctor visits.  She feels very alone because, she really don’t have anyone helping her.  Her refrigerator has quit working and all she has is a mini fridge.  It doesn’t hold very much.  It takes a little planning, but I figure out a way to give her the $68 to keep her electric on. 

I drive two towns over, give her a check made out to her electric company, and pick up the mini-crib.  She is on the verge of crying because, I did this for her.  We talk for a while; she needed a shoulder to cry on.  I know it helps just to have someone else listen to you. It sort of lightens the burden to share your troubles to someone you know is sympathetic.  They recently got the diagnosis of what type of Cerebral Palsy the youngest has.  It is Athetoid Cerebral Palsy and he may never have control of his muscles.  They are awaiting the results of a test, if it comes back positive, the doctors say he will only live five years.  Needless to say, she is stressed out.  I encouraged her to not give up on getting her son to eat.  I point out that doctors are not always right when it comes to how long someone will live or about what they will or won’t be able to do.  I have heard of quiet a few parents who were told something like that and things don’t work out like the doctor’s predicted. Where there is life, there is hope.  She prays a lot.  I encouraged her to continue.  Sometimes faith is all we have.

I drive home trying to figure out how I can help her with the refrigerator situation.  She has found a used one and has talked the person selling down to $50.  I struggle myself from month to month making ends meet, but if there is a way I can help someone, I do it.  I don’t see a way to squeeze the $50 out of my budget anytime soon.  I am going to try to round-up 10 people who would donate $5 a piece so she could get the refrigerator.  I know you are wondering why I am doing this.  This is just who I am.  She needs help.  Doing this kind of thing makes me feel good.  I always try to treat people the way I would want to be treated.

So far so good it seems.  After I get home and start to think about the day, I get that funny feeling like I have a hole in my stomach. I realize that $18 I had in my pocket should have been $58.  I had grabbed the $80 I had in my car and I had only spent $22 of it! I just had the four twenties folded up in my pocket.  The eighteen was the change back from my $22 purchase. I pulled two twenties out of the folded bills with my left hand, handing them to the cashier while sticking the other two back in my back pocket with my right hand.   The bottom is out on my right back pocket of my jeans!   Somewhere within the 200 feet from the cash register to my car my forty dollars landed.  What else could I do hours after the fact?  I open Facebook and post the following status update,  “I hope whoever found my $40 that I lost between the Goodwill cash register and my car, needed it more than I do or be so kind as return it!  Yeah, I feel a little better knowing some of my 500 Facebook friends giggled a little when they read it.  Now if one of them found my money, they will at least know where it came from.  My opinion about found money is, if there is no way to find out who it belongs to, it’s okay to keep it.  If you see someone drop it or you find it and you know to whom it belongs or find out a little later and you keep it, that makes you a thief.  I guess I could find comfort in knowing, my misfortune made someone else’s day.


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