I know horse lovers will agree

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“He moved like a dancer, which is not surprising; a horse is a beautiful animal, but it is perhaps most remarkable because it moves as if it always hears music.”  Mark Helprin, Winter’s Tale

The beauty of white stallion stood out against the background of a snow-covered pasture and stark, bare trees.  I could believe he heard music and I wanted to hear it too.

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Daily Prompt: Through the window. Nan nana boo boo! You can’t catch me!

Dark Clouds rolling in on the steady breeze promising rain.  My brindle pit mix on his 50 foot lead run is being tormented by that “waskly wabbit” because he still isn’t fast enough to catch it on it’s numerous trips from under my bedroom to the tiny forest that is my front yard.  The rabbit being just enough of a distraction for a squirrel to check out the food dish.  Now that’s teamwork!  Swoops in a mocking bird, the dog spins around in disbelief with a look as if to say,  “Oh, you’ve done it now!” and begins leaping into the air in the direction the mocking bird retreated.

Being a little pretentious

First I want to say, that you can go here http://www.codeamber.org/index-2.php?tck and get a website or a desktop ticker that scrolls the latest amber alerts.  You could possibly help save a life.  Also, you can report missing persons there and get posters.

With that being said, I guess I can continue with my intended post.  Let me think a minute. (We all know how my train of thought hits the junction, wide open and breaks into many segments). Oh yeah, I was going to blog about “ME”! (imagine that). Talk about me and my impending rise to some sort of wide-spread fame. I know, I know! And, I laugh at me, way more than you ever will, about my silly notions.
Where’s my spotlight? Did someone not pay the power bill? Does the bulb need replacing or what? Come on! If between one and two million people gather, and countless others watch on TV, to see the president be sworn into office and speak, and Honey Boo Boo has a show, there certainly has to be a spotlight for me! (Hopefully, not featured on America’s Most Wanted or anything like that, but certainly somewhere. Certainly somewhere between, Good Morning America, Ricki Lake, Jerry Springer, Honey Boo Boo, and Svengoolie there is room for me.
I’m no Oprah, but give me a show. I’ll do it for practically nothing compared to the other talk show hosts. Yeah, I need a little piece of the pie. I am in need of some bifocals (it’s nice to be able to read what you’re typing).. I need to be able to finish recovering my roof. Got the front half done. I need to replace some of the flooring in my house. Then, a little to help other people out. Oh sure, there are some frivolous things I would like to have. A couple professional lenses for my Canon Rebel XTi. my drive belt and walking belt for the used treadmill I got from the Goodwill thrift store. I want to take up running and I figure that’s a good place to start. At least that way, if I pass out, it won’t be in public. A whirlpool bath tub in a sound proof room. Calgon, take me away!
Just what is it keeping me from my fame? Is it because I am somewhat antisocial? (I’ve been working on that). Is it because people think I am ugly? Is it because I am a poor white 40 something woman with Native American ancestry? Because one of my front teeth is crooked? What? Would you let any one of those things keep me from being what ever I could be? Photographer, journalist/reporter, author, game/ talk show host, a founder of a non-profit charitable organization or just your friend? Well, would you?
Celebrities are just people after all. Regular ordinary people can be entertaining. Surely, you know some people in your town that you enjoy watching them do what they do. How they speak, how they act or how they react to other people and situations can be entertaining. It’s like the gong show around our little town, like ’em or not there’s always another act waiting to step out.
Well, you can love me or hate me, but if you ignore me, I will ride back and forth in front of your home, around the clock, revving up my Harley until, you come out and talk to me, invite me in or pay me to go away. If you pay me to go away, I will go kayaking, camping, or maybe go to Big Kahuna’s if I get enough from you to be able to do that. You could come along if you wanted to.
I feel I am busting out of my antisocial shell. Now that I have gotten older, it doesn’t really matter to me so much that, I am not a blonde haired blue-eyed bombshell, that I weigh more (a lot more) that a runway model or I don’t wear name brand clothes. All that ain’t what really matters, it’s what’s in our hearts, it’s our actions not our words, it’s what we do for others, it’s those things we change or those things we keep from changing. Judge me if you must, but take time to know the facts first! I am beautiful on the inside and I am going to find as many ways as I can to let that beauty shine through.
Don’t worry Jay Leno and David Letterman. I am pretty sure your jobs are not threatened by me. But, don’t be surprised if you see my non dancing self pulling a muscle dancing before a taping of Ellen or you see me and some of my wacky friends making fools out of ourselves with some shenanigans on the Jerry Springer show. Going to find that spotlight somehow!
So with my thumb to my ear and pinky just above my chin, I mouth the words, “Call Me!”

My birthday wish

 I just want to say to Ellen Degeneres,  in case you ever want to contact me  here’s my voicemail number 641-715-3900 ext.405891 you have to hit “#” after entering the extension number.  You hit “#”  after leaving your message and then 1 to save.  That computer generated recording will give you these instructions, as well as, all the options to save, listen to or re-record your message.  We could joke, laugh, and talk about whatever, or you could email me – freespeech@myself.com. 

I am a fan, I watch your show as often as I can!

My  birthday is coming up, the last part of April,  a call from you would be so totally awesome!

Well, we all need dreams and goals, don’t we?  I have just been on a sharing my dreams kick lately.

Daily prompt: Dearly Departed

Dearly beloved, We are gathered here today to say farewell to a woman who died as she lived, with a fast food sandwich in the hand on the steering wheel and a cup of soda in the one on the gear shift without ever swerving into on coming traffic.or rear ending anyone.

As you are well aware, she was a very loving and compassionate woman.  She cared deeply for both humans and animals alike.  Her witty sarcastic humor, she never wasted on those who would be offended.  She only shared it with friends, family and others that would both enjoy and appreciate it.  Her love for animals and courtesy toward her fellow man was evident even in her final hours.

Of course there was some regret present- If she wouldn’t have swerved to the right to avoid killing a squirrel she wouldn’t have spilled her soda which caused her to accidentally pop the clutch sending her vehicle into a tale spin down the sidewalk and total out a delivery truck and demolishing a small side walk fruit stand.

She would have died alone that day if not for a fed-ex van blocking the sidewalk so those three homeless people, a prostitute, a blind-man and his seeing eye dog couldn’t successfully retreat from her out of control vehicle.  She might have survived the incident if it weren’t for the full oxygen and acetylene bottles she was transporting back after getting refilled for a friend.  Being the courteous person that she was, she waited until after all the other had passed away and she saw the squirrel watching all the ruckus going on from a small tree across the street.  She smiled with relief that she had successfully avoided the squirrel as for the people she taking with her, it could have possibly been an act of kindness as well.  Three people are homeless no more, the blind man doesn’t have to stumble around in darkness anymore.  The dog is free from his leash and no longer a slave to the man.  The prostitute is walking streets of gold!

I think my brain needs defragmenting

Most of us have “brain farts” where we can’t remember a name when someone asks us or we know what we are trying to say and find a word “at the tip of our tongue” as the old phrase goes.    It’s usually only a momentary thing.  However, I have been stumped for the last hour and a half trying to recall the name of a particular flower.

I decided to post a photo to “identify myself” on here.  Since I am choosing to stay somewhat anonymous, I did not post a picture of myself.  I chose a picture I took out in my yard a couple years back of some flowers.  After getting the image back on my computer, I wanted to rename it so I could find it easier.  So, I was going to do that when I realized, I can’t recall the name of them!

It’s only bothering me because, I still haven’t remembered their name.  I know it and have known it all my life, but for the life of me, I am not able to recall it. The information is somewhere in my brain I am just have trouble accessing it right now.  I guess I will try to look them up online if I don’t remember soon.  So I say in jest, “I think my brain needs defragmenting!”   I was going to say here they are and post the picture and as soon as I added the picture below I remembered.  Anywa,y here they are, Daffodils!



Nonsense Party

I’ve been having weird dreams lately. And sleeping kinda restlessly. Sleep is literally my favorite thing to do, so it makes me a little bit cranky when it doesn’t work out quite the way I want it to. A lot of things make me cranky, though. Like:

  • Bathrooms that don’t have toilet seat covers
  • When you think you have another mango in the fridge, but discover you don’t
  • (Related) Starting a recipe and discovering half way through that you’re missing a key ingredient
  • People that don’t signal
  • Anything sticky

I could go on for some time in this fashion, because I’m essentially an 84-year-old woman in a 33-year-old’s body. I’m fine with that.

Aaaanyway…so yes, I’ve been having cranky-making sleep as of late. And the weird dreams always linger in the morning, so I spend the first couple hours of the day trying to get over the yelling match I…

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New York Cliché

I spent my weekend working at the International Motorcycle Show. The convention center was filled to capacity with leather garments, reprehensible hair cuts, flinch-inducing tattoos, and TESTOSTERONE. With the male to female ratio an astounding 10:1, this may be the #1 place to meet a man in NYC. If you’re into muscled biker types, buy your ticket for next year’s show NOW. My job, as it so often is, was to stand, smile, and look pretty (and interest people in a brand/sell a product- it is actually work). I spent the entire weekend fighting off men. Not surprisingly, they are a more aggressive bunch than the ComicConnerds lot.

Oh woe is me! It’s so hard being a pretty girl! The constant flattery, frequent free drinks, rarely having to open a door for myself, it’s exhausting! 

I can feel the collective eye roll from my dude-readers. It’s such a…

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Blogging with technology…………

Another night is here; it’s to time to blog again. I’m working with voice recognition trying to get where I can efficiently blog with it. So far, things have not worked out well. It is taking too much time to complete a single paragraph. I am still trying to work things out between me and my computer. It doesn’t seem to be trying to help me as much as I’m trying to help it. I’m trying very hard not to give up, but my patience is wearing thin.

I don’t have one of those expensive speech recognition programs. I am working with the speech recognition that is in my windows seven. There has been a few bugs to work out, but I have finally got it working. I am using it right now. The going is slow, but we are making it! I do seem to be making a lot of corrections. So far I can not get a complete sentence without some corrections. I am hoping in time, this will improve. If not, I may have to give up on speech recognition. Maybe a little patience is the answer. So far, a cough becomes the words but it. Some of the things that shows up on my screen makes no sense what-so-ever.

I have found that while I am using speech recognition that suddenly the sound of the letter “s” has become a stumbling point in my speech process. If the sound is repeated close together it becomes a tongue twister and confuses the program. It is due to my pronunciation of words and my inability at times to enunciate clearly. You can blame it on my southern drawl. It is not that predominant and is only noticeable sometimes. By the way, I have lived in the south all of my life and I have never ran a cross people speaking with such a southern drawl as seen in the movies.

I am still trying to teach my computer to recognize the word blog. No matter how many times I correct the word the computer thinks I am saying long. As if I’m not having no problems, my birds want to squawk whenever I start to dictate. They’re actually being quiet right now. They were really being crazy earlier when I first started trying to work with this program. I guess it has just got late enough that they are ready to quiet down.

I have tried speaking like a newscaster or radio announcer trying to help the computer understand my words better. It doesn’t seem to help much. Sometimes softer spoken words are understood better and sometimes it takes giving a lot louder. I feel silly when someone comes into the room and I’m having to tell the computer to stop listening because the microphone on my headset seems to pick them up better than myself. I feel like my computer is being a smart-aleck when it keeps asking, what was that?

I was hoping to be able to keep the flow of my thoughts and words at a pace that would keep me from losing my train of thought. So far not so good. Hopefully, this will improve over time. If not I guess it’s back to the keyboard. The speech recognition just froze up. I can’t get it to start listening again. I am not so sure this is going to work out. Technology isn’t all that great sometimes. I have noticed that my smartphone isn’t very smart either.

What are they trying to say?

While in a close-by town today, I saw a good example that sometimes it’s better to use two  separate simple sentences instead of cramming two unrelated things into one. Although I understand what they were trying to say, or at least I think I d. I couldn’t help but think of what they could possibly be implying or suggesting.  The sign on the side of a convenience store read


Sorry about the quality of photo only had crappy cellphone camera.

I couldn’t help but wonder if they were possibly suggesting that  people use their EBT to purchase alcohol?.  Are they targeting the low income alcoholics?  Do they think most people with an EBT card are pathetic drunks?  Were they admitting they were winos receiving EBT?

Elizabeth, I’m coming to join you honey, Pow zoom straight to the moon, Lu-cy! You got some ‘xplainin to do.

After seeing a news clip of a very young school student that was suspended because, he points his finger and makes a gun sound during playtime, makes me wonder, has the whole world gone mad? Seems to me this type of thing is more a part of the problem rather than the solution. It’s time for less Barney Fife and more Sheriff Taylor. There’s nothing wrong with Barney Fife’s “Nip it in the bud.” advice. The problem is seeing the bigger picture and knowing when, how and what needs to be “nipped in the bud”.  

(IMAGES WITHIN THIS POST ARE NOT OWNED BY THIS BLOGGER.  i SEARCHED THE WEB AND FOUND ONES THAT WAS OKAY FOR PEOPLE TO DOWNLOAD AND USE.)(Growing up in the seventies and early eighties with just one t.v. that only picked up 3,5, and 10 those being, ABC, CBS and NBC, there was a lot of watching reruns of old television shows, and Saturday morning cartoons. Thanks to my Dad, I was raised on John Wayne and Clint Eastwood westerns, The Big Valley, Bonanza, The Rockford Files and Hawaii Five-O. He didn’t care for the sitcom’s of the time. So if it was comedy, it was the Honeymooners, the Little Rascals or Jerry Lewis. I still watched my far share of  Happy Days, Sanford and Son, Good Times, One day at a time, Mash, and The Jefferson’s whenever he wasn’t around. Sometimes when I was 4 and 5 I fought over the t.v. with my sister who was 10 years older than me because I wanted to watch Gilligan’s Island and she wanted to watch “Dark Shadows”.

We weren’t inside in front of the t.v. all the time. A large portion of our time was spent outside with siblings and friends. Our imaginations were active and vivid. We were cops and robbers, cowboy and indians and the crew of the starship Enterprise. Fingers and sticks were our pistols and rifles. Hairbrushes and transistor radios were our phasers and communicators. We won the west and saved the Earth from unspeakable doom. Yes, sometimes we had real fights but all in all it was a part of growing up and learning to get along. No one I know personally that did these things grew up to run around killing people in real life.

I think putting to many limits of what children play or how they play stifles their imagination and traps in frustrations. Where are they ending up? Online or on the gaming consoles usually alone, shooting everyone and everything in sight. Watching violent movies and t.v. series that hype them up more and their social outlet is technology. Somehow their best friends are characters in an RPG and people from all over the world that they have never meet face to face and don’t really. What happens? Their real social skills suffer and the real world becomes their enemy. What to do?  Well for the most part they just become dysfunctional in society and in their family lives. The really messed up ones answer; Go out in a blaze of glory taking as many as you can on the way.- Yeah, penned up frustrations, and social isolation can cause people to do something “crazy”.

I am not trying to say playing video games, watching movies or being on MySpace is going to turn you into a mass murderer. It’s more about what drives us to spend more time in a virtual world than really living, interacting and sharing thought, feelings, and sympathy with those people around you. Is it being used to avoid doing something else? Are we doing it because we are unhappy with our real lives? Could social media be making us antisocial creatures? Is it because we can control our experiences and “click” off what we don’t like or want to deal with in a virtual worlds?

We have the government with their we know best, we’ll take care and protect you claims trying to controls us. We have the government, the state and countless hypocrites telling us how to raise our children. They scream “Control your kids!” Then, they call whatever you say or do “abuse.” It seems the answer to everything displeasing that a child does is therapy and medication. Children aren’t allow to be children anymore.  They can’t get all that built up energy out

I am tired of people screaming about their liberties and demanding their rights when they are so busy trying to deprive others of theirs. It seems to me you can’t say, do or display anything without offending someone. Everything is construed to be offensive, immoral, a threat or racist. People pushing for people to come out of “the closet” talk about your sexual preference to help “the cause”.  Look if you want to announce to  the world you are gay, do so. If you want to keep your personal matters private then by all means put that closet to good use. There is such a thing as too much information. Besides most people have figured it out anyway and aren’t concerned with calling you out. It’s really none of their business anyway. You might not agree with the way a person lives or the things they do, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a “Hater”.


If you want to pray, please do so. If you find it offensive that someone stops to pray in public just go on about your business or remove yourself instead of protesting and demanding that they stop or shouldn’t be allowed to. They are not causing you any harm.  Don’t you want to be accepted? the way you  live tolerated?kirkspockmccoy  Here’s another way to think about it. If there’s even one thing on a menu at a restaurant that you don’t like, do you avoid that restaurant, prevent them from serving the item or make it shut down? If your best friend likes sushi and you hate it, does that stop you from eating at the same table with them if they get some sushi?  Do you stop being their friend? If you make the choice to not eat meat, does that mean no one should be allowed to? or do you not associate with people who do?

In today’s society, Ralph Cramden would be arrested because he threatened his wife Alice. Fred Flintstone would be “coming out the closet”  J.J. Evans would be doing time for bomb threats or worse, being held at Guantanamo Bay as a terrorist because he was always exclaiming DY-NO-MITE! Yes, things have gotten this ridiculous . Alice never felt threatened by Ralph’s “One of these days Alice, pow zoom straight to the moon!” and “One of these days, pow right in the kisser.” Yet, someone would find it offensive and declare it a threat when  it was just an expression of his frustration with a situation or comment.  J.J. lived in the projects of Chicago, he was terrorized not a terrorist. Yeah, Fred Flintstone had anger issues because “coming out of the closet” hadn’t been thought of yet. What? You never thought it? (Don’t be offended, just sharing some humor) To all you who would twist my words to mean what you choose them to mean-  “Kiss my grits!”

To any of you who haven’t seen the old t.v. shows I mentioned, use technology look them up and watch them or watch them on t.v. most are still being run somewhere on cable or satellite t.v.

To the Bat-mobile, Robin! Beam me up, Scotty. Hi-yo Silver, away!


My small town dreams

There are times that I think I am a boring person, that I don’t have any interest. Then I start to think about stuff that interests me, things I enjoy, and things that I would like to do somehow. There’s more to me than sweet tea and fried chicken. It’s obvious I am into photography, but really only just got started with that. However, I would love to work up to making some money doing it.

I enjoy writing poems, stories and articles about things that interest me. I am also interested in reporting news and events. When I was younger, I use to write a lot. I mean a lot! I failed the 8th grade because, I was always writing stories in class and at home. I dreamed of becoming a novelist. Then I got married and had children. It seemed my brain turned to mush. I would need a refresher course in punctuation, sentence structure, probably an intense course in spelling and vocabulary to even attempt writing a novel these days. The old saying, “If you don’t use it, you lose it”, is somewhat true!

I enjoy helping out with fund-raising events. I enjoy doing things to help people and animals. I even do simple random acts of kindness for strangers. Simple things like offering bottles of water to people walking on hot days, or somewhere waiting for a ride or a tow truck. Paying for a stranger’s meal just because they look like they are having a bad day. Taking the time to check on someone who looks like they need some sort of help. Feeding anyone who looks like maybe they are hungry and could use a little kindness.

I would love to get to take a trip all over the United States, checking out points of interest in remote areas. I mean road trip, just stopping when we see something interesting, taking pictures, talking to the locals and sharing those pictures and stories in some sort of article series. Especially covering interesting, strange, fun events and festivals along the way. Find those little out of the way diners with a hamburger you will always want to come back for. Spotlight regular people and the things they do. Everyone should get their “fifteen minutes of fame”. Unfortunately, unless I hit the lottery, the Publisher’s clearing house Prize Patrol comes to my house or, some one gives me an expense account to do it, it is kind of out of the question.

I watch “Ellen” regularly. I guess I like her because, she is all about making people smile and laugh. I love how she picks random ordinary people and does nice things for them. It would be nice if I could go to a show taping, get to meet and have a conversation with her. If not a conversation, I wouldn’t mind getting on the show and doing some of the silly games and stuff she has people do. But alas, the Ellen Degeneres show is far a way from a small town in Alabama.

I am not a spring chicken anymore. I am getting close to middle-age and menopause. The eyes don’t see as clearly as they once did, seems I am squinting all the time. Twenty years ago is like yesterday and twenty minutes ago is a distant memory. I really should be wanting to get on the biggest loser instead of Ellen. Sadly, I admit I am overweight. I could stand to loose 80-90 pounds. Am I even fat enough for that show?

Well, it’s time to finish this post, quit dreaming and go to sleep. It’s almost 1:30 am in my neck of the woods. Seems I am always getting lost surfing the web and loose all track of time. I am sure I am not the only one. I sincerely apologize if I have bored you and I thank you for taking time to read this. You’re welcome to come back anytime and I hope that you do.

From Compassion to Misfortune

The old saying, “Somedays it doesn’t pay to get out of bed.”  That’s sort of what I feel like now.  Today was one of those days that was going as usual, nothing great or bad going on.  It started with a trip to town and spending money I didn’t really need to be spending.  Twenty bucks for my daughter, granddaughter and I to eat at the Chinese buffet.  Then, I had the bright idea to go to the Goodwill Thrift Store.  A trip to the thrift store is pretty common practice, I just wish now, that I would have just skipped doing that because, it ruined my day.

Pittling around in the thrift store I found and got my granddaughter a musical dragon riding toy.  I had been in the store for a while before I went over to the section I usually go to first.  Wow, an electric treadmill for $25!  This was something I had been wanting for a while, I had just said a few days before, I was going keep an eye on Goodwill for one.  I bought it and we waited around for my daughter’s boyfriend to come with his truck to haul it home for me.  There was a couple of other things I wanted but I didn’t have enough money on me to get anything else. I had some more money in the car, that was really meant for something else, but I decided to use part of it to get a few more things.  So, I take the dragon to the car, grab the money, got some more things, and went home.

I go home and get on Facebook.  I see a mini-crib for sale in one of the local group pages, the woman trying to sell it, I had met before through activities from the group.  I didn’t have but $18 left in cash in my pocket and I  told her I would get it Wednesday if she could wait until then.  I would have a few more dollars by then.  She was selling it trying to get up money to pay her electric bill by the cut-off date, and needed it before Wednesday.  Even with the $25 she was asking for the mini-crib she would still be $43 short.  This woman has four children, two of them have Cerebral Palsey.  I had helped her find an infant feeder to help her youngest child with Cerebral Palsy, be able to eat and gain some weight.  She’s trying to avoid a feeding tube if at all possible.  Her husband hasn’t been able to work because he passes out every couple of days and so far the doctor’s haven’t figured out why this is happening.  She makes numerous trips to therapy for her children and out-of-town doctor visits.  She feels very alone because, she really don’t have anyone helping her.  Her refrigerator has quit working and all she has is a mini fridge.  It doesn’t hold very much.  It takes a little planning, but I figure out a way to give her the $68 to keep her electric on. 

I drive two towns over, give her a check made out to her electric company, and pick up the mini-crib.  She is on the verge of crying because, I did this for her.  We talk for a while; she needed a shoulder to cry on.  I know it helps just to have someone else listen to you. It sort of lightens the burden to share your troubles to someone you know is sympathetic.  They recently got the diagnosis of what type of Cerebral Palsy the youngest has.  It is Athetoid Cerebral Palsy and he may never have control of his muscles.  They are awaiting the results of a test, if it comes back positive, the doctors say he will only live five years.  Needless to say, she is stressed out.  I encouraged her to not give up on getting her son to eat.  I point out that doctors are not always right when it comes to how long someone will live or about what they will or won’t be able to do.  I have heard of quiet a few parents who were told something like that and things don’t work out like the doctor’s predicted. Where there is life, there is hope.  She prays a lot.  I encouraged her to continue.  Sometimes faith is all we have.

I drive home trying to figure out how I can help her with the refrigerator situation.  She has found a used one and has talked the person selling down to $50.  I struggle myself from month to month making ends meet, but if there is a way I can help someone, I do it.  I don’t see a way to squeeze the $50 out of my budget anytime soon.  I am going to try to round-up 10 people who would donate $5 a piece so she could get the refrigerator.  I know you are wondering why I am doing this.  This is just who I am.  She needs help.  Doing this kind of thing makes me feel good.  I always try to treat people the way I would want to be treated.

So far so good it seems.  After I get home and start to think about the day, I get that funny feeling like I have a hole in my stomach. I realize that $18 I had in my pocket should have been $58.  I had grabbed the $80 I had in my car and I had only spent $22 of it! I just had the four twenties folded up in my pocket.  The eighteen was the change back from my $22 purchase. I pulled two twenties out of the folded bills with my left hand, handing them to the cashier while sticking the other two back in my back pocket with my right hand.   The bottom is out on my right back pocket of my jeans!   Somewhere within the 200 feet from the cash register to my car my forty dollars landed.  What else could I do hours after the fact?  I open Facebook and post the following status update,  “I hope whoever found my $40 that I lost between the Goodwill cash register and my car, needed it more than I do or be so kind as return it!  Yeah, I feel a little better knowing some of my 500 Facebook friends giggled a little when they read it.  Now if one of them found my money, they will at least know where it came from.  My opinion about found money is, if there is no way to find out who it belongs to, it’s okay to keep it.  If you see someone drop it or you find it and you know to whom it belongs or find out a little later and you keep it, that makes you a thief.  I guess I could find comfort in knowing, my misfortune made someone else’s day.

This is me……………..

Yep, you guessed it. I was born and raised in the South. My home’s in Alabama. I still reside in the same county that I have been in since before I was two years old. I know how to hunt, fish and live off the land. Some folks like to make fun of southerners but we don’t mind so much. We get a laugh out of folks that don’t know what grits are and people who think camping involves a high-priced house on wheels. To us RV’s are pickup trucks, four wheelers or whatever floats us out to the best fishing spots.

I love camping. Primitive camping! We go way back in the woods and find a spot near a creek or stream. We gather up firewood and get a fire going and once we get a good bed of coals then we cook. Sometimes over the fire and sometimes we wrap the food up in foil real tight (with s little water) and toss the foil packets right in the bed of coals and it cooks up good. Usually it potatoes or vegetables like broccoli,carrots, onions with some sausage thrown in. Things like steaks, pork chops and chicken we do over the fire.

We bring tents and set them up but usually end up sleeping on the sand next to the fire. Nothing like laying on your back gazing into the heavens listening to the crickets, frogs, owls and other night birds. Oh sure, sometimes the coyotes get a little loud and we’re stoking up the fire. We have never had no trouble out of the coyotes while camping even though they have gotten quiet numerous around the area in the last 15-20 years. There are still some cougars and panthers around. Still plenty bobcats. It’s been a few years since I have heard a panther scream. Now there’s something that will make your blood run cold when you hear it, even if you don’t know what it is!

Okay, I may be a little on the antisocial side but you would find me still quiet hospitable. I usually don’t judge people I tend to just accept them. I don’t care what religion, race, size or where you come from if you treat me the way you want to be treated I will do the same. This doesn’t mean I will get nasty with you if you are a little grumpy or short with me. There is a line however, if you cross it you might find me directing you on out of my neck of the woods. Nobody wants that, least of all me. So let’s just keep it all sunshine and butterflies between us.

I live in a small town and I like it that way. It does get boring sometimes, but that just makes it more exciting when something does happen. It is a sitting in a lawn chair with feet in the kiddie fool sipping on a beer watching planes fly over while the little ones find new ways to skin their knees and knock teeth loose. Well, a lot of the time the story behind such injuries doesn’t quiet make sense and somehow it’s always some else’s fault. I suppose you basically know how it is. Surely we have all heard those famous words “WATCH THIS!” If not you are in for a real treat if you come around.